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Panel Changes

The older the panel, the less reliable and more confusing it can be to operate.

If you have a panel that has a jumble of switches and labels or needs to be changed to better meet the needs of your building, we can make that happen.

Electrical Panel

Panel Upgrades

Heat Pumps

We install, repair, and replace heat pumps as well. Heat pumps provide heat energy from a source of heat to a destination called the heat sink.

Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow.

This type of heating system results in more even temperatures within areas of a room, and between rooms as well. We have high quality heat pumps to make your home or business comfortable all winter long.

Heat pumps


General Repairs

If you’ve got a blown fuse, light fixture or appliance that won’t turn on, sparks coming from an outlet, wire shortages, or any other electrical problem, you can rely on MacKay Electric to make general repairs.

From proactive repairs to prevent major problems to quickly fixing electrical emergencies, we have the expertise and tools to do any job, large or small.


New Construction

We work closely with other contractors to complete everything needed for new construction projects.

We install everything from electrical wiring and fuse boxes to light fixtures, outlets, electronic setups, intercom systems, electrical heating and cooling elements, home security wiring, and much more.

We collaborate with the other contractors to ensure our aspects of the construction project are done in coordination with the overall production schedule.



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