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Good Electrical Wiring Ethics, Nova Scotia

Over the recent years, it has always been a directive that any kind of electrical installations or wiring in Nova Scotia be conducted as per the Canadian Electrical Code under the supervision of the Labor department. This alone has improved safety and professional home and commercial buildings wiring. Therefore, many home and building owners would require a certified and professional installer to carry out any kind of electrical wirings or installations on premise.

MacKay Electric Limited have proved over the past years, to be the right type of professionals that conduct this type of assignments and always tend to exceed client expectations. Apart from the required mandate that any home or buildings need to be wired by a professional, a homeowner will need to have a peace of mind that their premises or buildings have any cabling or electrical well laid and in turn a safe haven for everyone under its roof.

Benefits of Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps are highly efficient to run and suitable for the moderate climate in Nova Scotia. Additionally, they rely on renewable sources of energy, making them an environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling. Heat pumps provide comfort throughout the year, cooling in summer and heating during winter. Heat pumps clean your air, dehumidify your home during the hot summer months, and help save money.

Is Work Done on Budget?

Despite the fact that many home and building owners need the best services out there, the budget to cover these projects may either be too small for the anticipated project or way too big for the same. It is therefore a good practice for one to carry out a survey on the current pricing for many of the electrical installations.

Secondly, many professional companies offer budget solutions that will give the best results in a specific projection plan. MacKay Electric Limited will offer the client the most budget friendly route yet preserving the sense of quality and professionalism in all its installations.

Are High Quality Materials Used?


It is not surprising that even in this day and age, there are a several installers that still use aluminum electrical wiring instead of copper wiring. This type of wiring involves stranded aluminum and solid aluminum. It was mostly used in the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s when there was a high copper shortage and scarcity in the country. 

The major concern did not fall on the aluminum wire itself, but rather to the junctions and switch points that are vital holders of high static energy. Aluminum installations tend to form corrosion or some kind of oxidative layer along electrical connections. This is one of the major reasons to hire a professional to do electrical house wiring.

Another area of concern would majorly lie in the insulation of the house. Although, this may not be up to the electrical wiring contractor, but rather a home inspector, it is necessary to determine proper insulation and channeling where the cabling system will be presented. 

After-Sale Client Support?

Any proficient code of conduct would entail a contractor to offer after sales service to any accomplished projects. 

Finishing the electrical wiring does not mean that there is no further relationship between the contractor and the client. It is prudent to carry out both on and off-site follow ups to determine that a perfect installation was achieved.

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