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What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pump technology for heating and cooling is becoming highly popular in Nova Scotia and Canada as a whole. This can be attributed to the fact that they provide summer air conditioning and real energy savings, as compared to traditional sources.

Benefits of Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps are highly efficient to run and suitable for the moderate climate in Nova Scotia. Additionally, they rely on renewable sources of energy, making them an environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling. Heat pumps provide comfort throughout the year, cooling in summer and heating during winter. Heat pumps clean your air, dehumidify your home during the hot summer months, and help save money.

Types of Heat Pumps:

Air source heat pumps provide whole house cooling and heating when it is completely duct-ed in the home. Air source heat pumps are best suited for new construction. 

Alternatively, they can be added to an already existing forced air system.

The efficiency of the heating system will be optimized when a heat pump is added to a forced air furnace.

The second type is known as the ductless heat pump. It is best suited for those homes whose heating systems are non-ducted. They can make a very good retrofit in such situations. Since this variety does not use ducts, it is a great energy saver, since it minimizes the energy losses associated with central forced or duct work air systems.

Ductless heat pumps to be more efficient, when compared to the ducted ones. However, a few factors such as house layout and size will determine the most appropriate one to be installed. 

The Best Location for the Heat Pump:

Every house has a different setting, therefore, the best way to determine the ideal location for locating the heat pump is consult a qualified contractor. 

For the outdoor pumps, the main consideration should be clean airflow through the pump. This implies that it should not be installed under deck. Additionally, outdoor units should be placed on the ground and not near bedrooms. As such, the minimal noise they produce does not affect the occupants. 

For interior placement of ductless units, what should be considered is air movement and flow in the room. This is important to ensure even heat distribution throughout the room and minimal noise.

Heat Pump Pricing

The average cost of installing a ductless heat pump with an indoor cooling and heating zone is in the range of $3,000 to $5,000.

Greater heating capacities and additional heating zones will increase the cost of the unit. Other cost determinants of an installed heat pump include the model and the manufacturer, contractor rates and difficulty of installation.

Installation, Service and Maintenance:

A properly installed unit will ensure maximum efficiency of the system while providing many years of cooling and heating. Installers should be manufacturer approved while the heat pumps should be backed with comprehensive warranties. 

Once the unit has been installed, the homeowner should enlist the services of a qualified firm that will be servicing the heat pump. This will ensure that the system is operating at its peak while also extending the life of the various components.

Bottom Line:

Installing a heat pump can be affordable and convenient. There are several financing options and rebates available for the people of Nova Scotia.

It is important to ensure the heat pump is serviced and maintained by a qualified technician in order to experience optimal service.

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